Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm writing a story!

Here's my story so far:

I wake up at 6:00 a.m. It's the first day of school. My first day as a highschooler. I get to the bathroom, throw on my uniform, khacki shorts, no more than 4 inches above the knee, and a green polo shirt with a white undershirt underneath. No other colored undershirts are accptable.

I spend exactly 38 seconds fixing my hair. Who cares how I look? I'm not exactly the most good-looking 14 year-old guy in the world. I've never had a girlfriend. Not even one of those play relationships it seems mandatory to have at least once, sometime between kindergarten and 3rd grade. Nope, didn't happen to me. I'm too average. I am, and will always be, average Micah L. Bannister. Micah, not "Mike" or anything like that. It slightly irritates me when people call me Mike. Mike is such a boring, plain name. At least Micah makes me a little different.

I go down the stairs, to the kitchen, for breakfast. Mom made her signature first-day-of-school-breakfast. The smell of pancakes, bacon, and eggs fills the entire house, I smelled it as I was coming down the stairs. It's a fantastic smell, my mom is an amazing cook. My little brother, Lucas, and my little sister, Delilah are already sitting at the table. Lucas is devouring everything he can get his hands on at record speed. "Luke, dude, chill. Save a little for me!" I say. "I eat when I'm nervous," he says with a barely detectable shake in his voice. "There's nothing to be nervous about, Luke," Delilah explains, "Middle school ain't that bad." Today, Luke is starting 6th grade, his first day in junior high. Delilah is starting 8th grade. "What if I get lost and I'm late to class? Or nobody wants to sit with me at lunch? Or a zombie apocalypse starts and I don't know where the emergency exits are?" Luke says frantically. "Then come find me, I don't mind helping you a little bit," Delilah says to him. "How sweet of you, Lila!" My mom says praisingly. "How sweet of you, Lila!" I say with a mocking voice. "Shut up, Micah. I'm just doing what my older sibling never did for me on my first day of middle school. Or even elementery school." She's right. I'm a selfish jerkwad. I didn't want to be associated with my goodie-two-shoes little sister. I still don't want to be. "I was only doing a favor for you, Li. I didn't want people to know you knew a dork like me." I say to her. "Bull," she counters, "It's totally the other way around." I let out an exagerated sigh. "Whatever you want to think, Lila. I know how you women love to be right," I say. I hear my mom chuckle from across the kitchen. Then I hear the bus. The first annoying "honk honk" of the school year.

"Uggghhh, I don't feel good," Luke says with a moaning voice as we're about to go out the door. "It'll be okay," both mom and Delilah say at the same time. Delilah's a lot like mom. Especially the way she tries to boss us around. On the bright side, when mom works late, Delilah has much better cooking skills than dad. Or even Pizza Hut. And I love Pizza Hut. "C'mon Luke," I say, "everything will be fine. Today's my first day of high school and I'm not freaking out." This is partly true. I'm a going insane on the inside. I feel silly, but I have the same worries as Luke. I mean seriously, I really don't want a zombie to eat my brains today.

I made it to school in one piece. My silent wish for the bus driver to lose control and kill us all in a crash wasn't granted. There's a couple guys on stakeboards riding up to the door, there's a group of blonde girls giggling and chit chatting, and there's one girl sitting on a bench reading a book. She has jet black hair, with a streak for every color of the rainbow.It's pulled back into a ponytail, and I can see she has 3 piercings in each ear. She's not wearing any makeup as far as i can tell. She has black combat boots on. She looks like the kind of girl I'm warned to stay away from. She could be, and most likely is, a druggie. I can't stop looking at her for some reason. She's just that strange I guess. She notices my staring. Crap. She looks up from her book and gives me weird look, and a sort of half smile. I can tell what she's thinking. "Why the heck was that freak looking at me?"

I'm trying to find my first class, the map of the school they gave me is not helping one bit. I'm the kind of person that if you show me how to do something, or how to get somewhere, I'll get it right away. But reading maps? Not my strong suit. I must look like a retarded idiot. A nice looking brunette comes over to me and asks if I need help. She looks like she's probably a junior or sophomore. "Yeah, I'm trying to find my history class, Mr. Moore's class. Room 208. Where is it?" I ask. "Go all the way down the hall, turn left, it's the first door on the right," She tells me with a smile on her face. I thank her. "Just doing my job!" She says cheerfully. Oh, she's one of those students assigned to help new students. Duh. Why else would she want to talk to me?

I take my seat in Mr. Moore's class. It's all the way on the left, on the front row. There's one empty seat next to me. The bell rings and Mr. Moore starts talking. "Hi, class! I'll be your teacher this semester, my name is Mr. Moore" Blah, blah, blah. The door opens and everyone turns to see who it is. "Sorry I'm late!" a female voice says. It's the girl with the rainbow hair streaks. "Not a problem miss, just take your seat," says Mr. Moore. "What's your name?" He then asks. "Millie Lancaster" She answers, then sits in the seat next to me. She gives me a wink. Probably trying to get new kids to sell drugs to. Whatever, I'm not buying, no matter how desperate i am for attention from a female. I was raised in a Christian household. I'm not about to become a satanist, like this girl could quite possibly be.

Let me know what you think!!!!!!!!! :)