Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alphas, by Lisi Harrison

Alphas is the first book in a 4 book series by Lisi Harrison, who also wrote "the Clique" series. I've never read the Clique, but i heard it was good, and that Lisi Harrison is an amazing writer. I definitely wouldn't call her work "amazing", but I have to say something about Alphas is highly addicting. I finished this book in 2 days.

100 girls are chosen to attend the Alpha academy, but you break a rule; you can say "bye bye" to Alpha Island. Only 1 girl will eventually remain, and be the ultimate Alpha. The book mainly centers around 3 girls, and the chapters alternate between their points of view. Skye Hamilton, a dancer who is used to being told her performances are flawless, her dances, and her "lip-kisses" who she's given to several boys... Then there's Allie A. Abbott, an average girl with a broken heart, but everything changes when she gets a letter addressed to singer/songwriter Allie J. Abbott, telling her she's been accepted into Alpha Academy. So Allie A. makes the decision to play dress-up for a while, and take Allie J's place in the academy. And then there's Charlie, who's mother has worked for Shira, the founder of Alpha academy, for over the past decade. So when a spot opens up in the academy, Charlie decides that she deserves a chance to be an Alpha, after all, unbeknownst to Shira, Charlie helped invent Alpha island. But Shira says due to nepitism laws, since Charlie's mother works for Shira, Charlie can't attend... unless Charlie's mom were to resign. So yeah, just like that, Charlie's mom quits. (Seems kinda weird to me but maybe there's an explanation later in the series.) Charlie protests her mom a little, but dhe's already made up her mind. But Shira has one more condition...Charlie must break up with her long-term boyfriend, who also happens to be Shira's son, Darwin. After all, how can an Alpha concentrate on what's really important if she has a boy to distract her? So Charlie does the most dreaded thing she's ever done, she breaks up with the love of her life. But what's her other option? Go to a boarding school in New Jersey? At least at Alpha academy she'll be able to SEE Darwin...

This book was... okay. I don't really know how to explain how i feel about it. I have mixed emotions for it.

•The good: The plot is cute and interesting, something about it is addicting and you just have to keep reading. The characters were pretty in-depth, especially Charlie. I think, no i know, she's my favorite character.

•the bad: Sadly Charlie is really the only likable character. The girls in this book are exteremely catty, self-absorbed, selfish, brats who think they're just the best of the best. Not to mention they're just plain stupid. The whole book really lacks in the intelligance department. I was laughing at parts that were suppossed to be serious, because of the really dumb things the girls say.

So if you can get past the girls' terribley large egos, and the idiocy of the vocabulary used in this book, overall it's not bad. I'm sure it pleases the crowd it's targeted for, 12-15 maybe 16 year old girls. It's just not...quality though. Just a fluffy chick-lit book.

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